Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Dreams, fanfic

I think I was dreaming a Vorkosigan book. Gods know I was reading enough of the fanfic at (dig around there enough and you'll find the fic archive), because I'd wanted to see if I could find the title of that VK fanfic by Tracy Fey (yes: "A Bit of Evolution"), and I wound up reading, and/or re-reading, some of the fic.

It's slightly different re-reading fanfic after you've read enough of it to get, if I don't flatter myself too much, a professional's eye for the good stuff. And some of that VK fic that I read, delighted, back at home (I think on Galumph, actually, judging from my body-memory, which was next to the northwest corner rather than the southwest corner where Guardian is) (FatherSir's personal computer is named Galumph, after his imaginary horse that he came up with in response to swallowtayle's) makes the cut, and some of it does not. (p_o_u_n_c_e_r's stuff is good. Ah, the perils of critical commentary of fic when some of the writers are on your friends list.) Some of the things I know I must have had to swallow laughter over (sleeping parents + funny fanfic = bad thing) some years ago don't read as flowing well anymore. They must have never flowed as well as I imagined, and now I finally have the eyes to see it.

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