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LJ Ancestry (seen over @ wolfieboy's journal)

I am of the days before codes (land before time? No.) and thus can't blame my journal on one particular LJ sire. It was two, actually, who first introduced me to the thing and actually got me to join up. First godai mentioned it, and I was skeptical, and then neodragonstar had an LJ (a previous one, long since deleted) and since at the time I had somewhat of a crush on him (his high school best friend was clumsily trying to set us up, which did not actually go well) I joined LJ.

We can actually blame BJ, indirectly, for my presence on Livejournal. Because of BJ, I went to Phoenix and DeVry. I met neodragonstar's high school best friend at DeVry, and he introduced me to F.O.G.Club as well as neodragonstar, and it was on the message boards that I met godai, while fuming bitterly about the would-be (wouldn't be?) romance, and some of the factors leading to the failure (ie, said introducing high school best friend of neodragonstar's, a young man with a rare talent for putting his foot in his mouth).

Ah, memories.

Shame that my paper journal for those last few months before LJ was lost...

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