Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Went to work. Ran into the usual suspects. Introduced trystan_laryssa to the fact that while I was certainly giggly and silly, I wasn't exactly hyper. Listened to her babble anime at me: Fruits Basket.

Got a few interesting people on the phone. There was the person who mashed buttons at me, for about thirty seconds. Obnoxious, but not vastly so. There was the guy who growled that I was a telemarketer at me; I got to be slightly fresh with him. There was the guy who asked what state I was calling from, then suggested that I wouldn't want to call this number again. Why? Evidently it was the Secret Service. Either that or a social engineer.

And then there was Senile!Woman. I don't know who the hell she was, but no information stayed in her mind for longer than ten seconds, if that. I told her that I was not selling anything. She responded that unless I told her what I was selling, she couldn't buy it, and she had her credit card out. She asked where we were located. I told her Phoenix, AZ. She asked if that was in Nevada. She asked me what the survey was about. I told her. She Didn't Get It. Deaf, senile, an avatar of Eris, or all three at once. We went around and around like this for eight minutes. After I managed to get her through the first few questions and off the introduction, she (thank gods) disqualified from the survey on one of the security questions. Getting her off the introduction was the hard part.

I did up a cartoon, though, and the lady who runs the training ran off with it to the copy machines.

I got 6 hours of work today. Yay, me.

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