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e-mail to Mama, edited for public view

Dear Mama,

After today, I know that I am a lot more grown up than at least 10 percent of the genuine grown-ups out there. I am back doing telephone surveys, in the workplace that I affectionately call "hell". I am glad that I tend to know what the laws actually mean before I threaten people with them. There are a lot of very childish people out there who know that they're always right, and they don't want anyone to waste their time with facts.

Fiddle workshops and pottery firings sound like lots of fun! Do you remember when the geese gozzled off part of your kiln? That is a very funny story, and I have been sharing it with potters and goose people.

I am feeling better. My allergies are still attacking me, and thus my nose is a small disaster area when I'm not on constant allergy medication. I need to find a proper implement for pouring salt water up one side of my nose and down the other, because that is the one thing that really works on most forms of nasal congestion. I'm also taking St. John's Wort regularly, and I have noticed that even when something upsets me, I don't stay upset for more than half an hour, just like a real person. That is very encouraging.

Today I volunteered to work an extra shift at work, which meant that I was out of the house from half an hour before eight in the morning until just a few minutes ago when I got home just before the crack of nine. It was an interesting experience, but I don't think I'll be trying it again very soon.

School starts up bright and early tomorrow. Happily, the Little Fayoumis's Spring Break doesn't happen until next week, so I have a week to get used to class before I have to drag the Little Fayoumis along with me.

The Little Fayoumis is bald now. He was complaining about his hair getting all sweaty in the heating-up weather, and so I cut most of his hair off with the clippers, leaving about an inch. Then he pestered his mother so much that she said, "Okay! Bald it is!" and so he is now bald. He is not quite as taken with it as he thought he would be. I guess he has to learn sometime. Evidently it will do, though. I wonder how soon it will get sunburned.

I discovered that at least a few of the people on the e-mail list for my favorite author are also Shape-Note singers. Caroling shapenote tunes in this household tends to get me funny looks, though.

One of my old friends from work is still there. She has a mundane name, but everyone who is friends with her generally calls her Motley. I met two other people there, trystan_laryssa and dustraven. They both know Motley as well. Evidently knowing Motley, and knowing Motley's real name (not the mundane one) is a recommendation.

Darkside is still a curmudgeon. He's been curmudging away busily, and I haven't gotten to talk with him lately.

I figured out some of the problems with how Marxdarx and the Little Fayoumis and Votania don't get along. Everybody wants to be in charge, and when you have a kid who wants to be in charge and a parent who wants to be in charge, and everybody's stubborn, you get yelling. Somewhere along the line, I got the Little Fayoumis to accept that I would let him be in charge about a lot of little things, but when it came down to the important things, I was still in charge and he would do best to treat me being in charge about the big things with enlightened self-interest. At the moment, he's mostly behaving for me and usually the only thing I have to do to get him to step back into line is use the eyebrow on him. And I think that was probably FatherSir and swallowtayle's problem. Both of them had to be in charge. FatherSir and I didn't get along for a while because we had the same temper and were too much alike.

We will be cat-sitting next weekend. Votania's friend the Viking is having his house de-bugged, and the cats will need to be out for that process. So we are watching two of them: some random cat, and the Viking's old de-catted tomcat Trickster. The cat dynamics are going to be very interesting. The cats are going to be in separate rooms, but you know how that goes. Sort of like "No chickens in the house at the party!" (I was really going to be good, but FatherSir didn't get your lecture. He was being very sneaky, too.)

All is calm on the home front at the moment. The cats are being quiet and not rushing about like small furry crazed misguided rockets, nor scratching things that they are not supposed to scratch, nor knocking things over, nor rocketing off people's faces. The Little Fayoumis is asleep, and while there is light coming from under the doorway of the other bedroom, there is no sound, for which eventuality I am grateful.


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