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On being the Resident Witches

So there was a knock at the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, and I didn't recognize the face at the door. I opened it cautiously.

It was evidently one of our former neighbors; he introduced himself by name and as such. He asked me whether I could introduce him to a Wiccan group in the Chandler area. As I'm not generally well-connected locally and don't know any organized groups (though I bet I could be if I bothered to), and it's not polite to introduce strangers to groups if they're not public, I was clueless.

He explained his situation: there were a bunch of black cats (obviously representative of stuff I'm not aware of, being only the person consulted) bothering him. I suggested that he search on the internet, and gave him the practical advice of warding the place with salt, especially the entrances, and burning a big-ass white candle and focusing on ("Positive things?" he interjected.) the negative things leaving him alone.

This was evidently useful advice to him, and he went off, thanking me.

I got the feeling that it was either a little thing or a much more complex situation that he wasn't entirely in the right on, but the white candle and the positive things and the negative things leaving him alone should bring an improvement regardless.

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