Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Modesty & sweat, sunburn, skin problems

I was just out getting a few things (including lunch) and it's a typical Arizona spring day out there. That is to say: Hot, hot, and getting hotter. 86°F and 15% humidity. I'm, again, in all black, with a wide black wool felt hat.

I was pondering, before I went out and more as I walked, the thought of taking up wearing a veil when out of doors for extended lengths of time. I would probably want to cover a good deal of my hair as well as my face from the nose down to enough past the neck of my shirts to make sure there were no gaps.

I've been wearing clothes that are far more covering lately, for sun, mostly, but also somewhat for modesty. It's my own choice. I'll post photos of my cleavage and sex toys on the web, but I sometimes prefer to not show much skin at all when walking around town. A less immediate audience is better for me, perhaps. It's very hot, and I do get very sticky, especially in humidity, but I would also get hot and sticky, and sunburned, without being covered, and when I wear sunscreen, enough to make a difference, I tend to wind up more sticky, itchy, and quite often breaking out.

I think I'd like wearing a veil when outside. It suits my preference for extreme changes, and I've got a very good reason -- I'm hiding from the sun.

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