Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Traffic Light

After nearly a full day of being on the blink, the traffic light on the corner is now in working order. There were tremendous lines of cars, but strangely, no honking, no accidents, no motorist fury. A few cars tried to cut around, but they were thwarted by the lack of connection between parking lots.

Pedestrians had it the worst. A few cars at a time would go, and left-turning cars even got their chance. Pedestrians had to wait until cars going through their path had ceased to go, and dash across with the parallel cars, and avoid getting hit by the next bunch of oncoming cars. Someone in a wheelchair or scooter would have had a hellish time of it. I had a bad time with the Little Fayoumis.

I'm glad it's working again now. I was contempating detouring perhaps half an hour out of our way just to cross at another light, if this kept up until I had to pick up the Little Fayoumis from school today in a few minutes here.
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