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This is really working!

So I went to the plasma place today, and the trainee-guy doing the screening (mini-physical) had an error screen come up...

...the one that comes up when the donor has lost ten pounds or more in the past two months. This is a security flag, because one of the signs of active AIDS is a dramatic weight loss. However, if there's a valid reason for said weight loss, a supervisor signs off on it and the donor is allowed to donate.

I've been walking. Tuesday's weight was the same as the week before (OK, down half a pound) but today's weight was four pounds down from Tuesday's, and I'd actually had a full supper last night and a full breakfast this morning. (My body does that "I will fluctuate your weight by two to four pounds depending on when you've eaten and what it was" thing; this sort of fluctuation does not startle me.) It's the long-term progression that is encouraging me. I may show slight weight increases on any given trip there from the last time, but then I tend to go down a little more the next time.

I've been sort of keeping half an eye on what I'm eating, but I'm more focused on just keeping walking, keeping walking no matter what. I could wimp out and ask my roommate for a ride to school, I could wimp out and head out early and walk very very slowly so I'm not really pushing myself at all -- but I like walking fast. I hate it when my feet go all wonky and swell up so I have a hard time walking, which started happening after the "Now a mirror falls on your foot" incident in July. They used to start swelling up around Bitchy Witchy week. They haven't done that since I started with the walking.

Happy Lunatic. Very happy Lunatic.

For anyone in the audience who may be worried about me developing some sort of mindset problem on this front -- I have hard and fast limits for myself on weight loss. I had a very nice body in high school, and I refuse to push myself to lose weight past my established high school norms, which were established after I wound up wearing the body of a mature woman, and not while I was still developing. And if I hit my high school norms again, and someone tells me that I should have a problem with my body because it's too big, then oh boy are they going to get it.

I prefer the open-handed smack to the cheek, because I stand less risk of breaking bones (theirs) or doing serious injury that way, given that I knocked a six-foot-two man over when smacking him open-handed that way once, and don't wish to do anyone any worse injury.

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