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Meme: "If you call me ___, you..."

If you call me Joanie, you probably know me in person, or were introduced to me first by someone who knows me in person. Or you worked with me in the bakery. Or you read the name on my e-mail address, and may have erroneously concluded that the Laurel part should be left off.

If you call me Joanie Laurel, you probably don't know my last name.

If you call me Joan, you're probably someone I know through school or other professional/official types of things.

If you call me JoAn, you are reading my name and you do not know my name. And you probably haven't gotten my leave to call me by my name. Same goes for those who call me John.

If you call me Joan L. Pipsqueak, you are family.

If you call me Jayelle, you knew me when I was fifteen or sixteen and mad about it.

If you call me Tasha, you were in my Chemistry class Sophomore year.

If you call me Mrs. Toole, you knew me in 2000, and you also have a good chance of injury.

If you call me Mrs. Spock, you knew me when I was a serious fan.

If you call me Mrs. [my last name], you don't know me, and you're probably selling something.

If you call me Rev. [my last name], you probably found my e-mail address on the ULC site, or I sent a political letter to you.

If you call me Azz, you probably know me from LJ or a fan list.

If you call me Azure, you probably know me from LJ, and I still have to double-check to see if that's me.

If you call me azurelunatic, you probably know me from somewhere on the internet.

If you call me Az, you don't know how to spell my name, or have gotten me mixed up with the state I'm living in or ataniell93.

If you call me Azz-the-Younger, you may well know Az-the-Elder, or be on any one of several fan mailing lists.

If you call me JL, you are probably writing rather than speaking.

If you call me Loony, you probably have heard or read me refer to myself that way.

If you call me Schizie, you are probably Darkside.

If you call me Mrs. [Darkside's last name], you are likely going to get hurt.

If you call me Mona, Shanna, Laughing Hawk, T'Khut, T'Kay, Angela, Alys, or Rose, you don't know me anymore.

If you call me Dagger, Garnet, Naomi, or Marah, you should probably make sure who you're talking to when you're talking with them.

If you call me Shanna, you're probably telling me to shut up, and probably knew me before 2001.

If you call me Aunt Joan, you're probably the Little Fayoumis.

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