Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

My XD38 introduction mail


I'm new here, and I'm one of your standard odd
writer/geek types. I'm majoring in computer science in
college, taking care of my virtual nephew after
school, working your standard
boring-job-with-loopholes (I write while at work), and
spending most of my free time on Livejournal.

Some highlights of my XD38 (does that sound like a bra
size to anyone else?) -ness:

* replacing the water pump in my mother's Saab with
the car manual and no previous car repair experience
* Understanding a particular program design on a
near-instinctive level but not having the words to
convey it to lesser mortals; explanation to same
required much use of whiteboard markers, arrows and
exclamation points, frantic gesticulation, and a
somersault (in computer lab at school)
* I like both Macs and PCs, and am at least relatively
comfortable in Windows and Linux.

* I write constantly.
* In the past, I have painted.
* I have dabbled in calligraphy.
* I make afghans.
* I draw wacky workplace cartoons.

* Large Livejournal friend/friend of lists, many of
other actual or possible XD38 types.
* Friends with Real Grown-Ups, and being seen as older
than I am
* Still able to talk with children down to the age of
6 fairly sensibly
* Two adult roommates, one child roommate.

Meaning of Life
* Yep.

Et cetera
* Explosive.

So, yeah. Hi!

(There's an Az-the-Elder on at least two mailing lists
I'm on; I'm Azure, she's Azalais, and it's sometimes
confusing to sort out between Azz and Az.)

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