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Azure Jane Lunatic

These are the best days of our lives

Morning: plasma.

Came home to find that marxdarx was still in. Worked on stuff and found that paper I needed. LF may or may not have been pulling a fast one re: homework, as he was having Marx lean over his shoulder and help with the homework that he already knew how to do.

Did more stuff. Enjoyed the feel of the weather: nice, just warm enough, and damp enough.

Headed out for writing group. As easalle's schedule was doing interesting things, I headed out on the bus, and alone. On the bus, there were first three teenage goth proto-witches. They did their thing, and since I could tell that they'd done their thing and it was disruptive, I merrily blessed them, constrained them somewhat until my blessing (maturity and knowledge) took effect, and undid some of what they'd done (messing with mundanes). (The outward signs of them doing their thing was that the bus driver missed the stop and stopped instead in front of the very place where the girls were headed. I don't think it was conscious, or at least, not wholly.) Then some teenage cheerleader-types got on: you know, Those Bitches Who Made Your Life Miserable While You Were In High School. They talked about boys, whether it was more gross to brush your teeth or put on makeup in the bus, which it was worse to be called, fat or a slut, and social group relevant gossip. I was glad when they got off the bus, because they made my teeth hurt, and I couldn't concentrate on the Forgotten Realms book.

I got off the 19 at McDowell (I'd been having trouble remembering the street name) and noted that the bus I'd wanted to catch was just departing, grr. So I walked for a while, and sat down on a bus stop bench somewhat later, about four minutes before the next bus showed up. It was starting to rain. I got off the bus a bit before I should have, and walked gleefully in the plopping rain and skirt-whipping wind towards the center.

There were several new people there tonight: four, I think. At least, new to me. Three of them had come together; I'm not sure where the fourth came from. Everybody missed easalle and/or wanted to meet her.

I wound up reading my proto-fairy story [locked] and then, later, my talk about Google Image Search pornography and wanking. The first needs much more development; the second was greeted with thoughtfulness, laughter, and a feeling of ... inspiration ... in the group. My seduction of language still works.

The Pirate Queen's foster son was about; he was out in the lobby. We were all introduced to him for show-and-tell. He commented on my hair and how I looked like I would make a great Satanic priestess because of that look. (Tonight's outfit: black t-shirt, black crinkle skirt with the red and cream pattern at the hem, hair loose, fingernails with the dark blue polish mostly chipped off, dark red lipstick probably mostly worn off.) He seems interesting.

The Pirate Queen gave me a ride home. It was still raining. Mmm, rain.

At home, nice bouncy cats, people, and interesting things to be dug up from the kitchen. Eventually, sleep.

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