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Rock on, MRR!

Today I evidently rocked. We started off calling businesses for Channels, then switched to households, and then toddled off to get briefed on beer.

Unless you are doing well on that survey, you only get to recruit new people for the beer panel, and don't actually get to speak with the beer panel itself. Lunatic, newly briefed and perky, got the only two interviews on the recruiting phase for the day. Lunatic was summarily switched to the actual panel, and those, of course, you get zillions. One fellow had given up beer for Lent. Another one was really nice, and made sure to take my name so that he'd remember to sing my praises if they called back to verify. That always makes me feel so happy. He didn't know GrandfatherSir, but it's a big state.

I am very very happy to have been rocking. I got one all-plus monitor review today, and all the monitor reports but that one where I wasn't verifying teens consistently have been checks and plusses. I'm just waiting for my first star.

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