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Bleh, bleh, bleh, shopping, and bleh.

It was a beautiful morning. Too bad I had to spoil it with work. I discovered that the elusive perfume that I love so much and remember from visiting Grandma and GrandfatherSir in California is orange blossoms. Mmm. I must go live somewhere with those, especially if they can bloom a lot during the year.

One of those interesting days at work. Due to my being only half awake, it was a "Why don't we take a trip to the restroom every thirty minutes" days (that's how my bladder works when I'm asleep and also drinking water, don't ask me why). I didn't run into dustraven or trystan_laryssa on our shift change, sadly, even though I was there a half hour over to finish a survey.

I have a note_to_asshat to type up; it involves a cow-orker and my long memory on a certain class of offense. *sigh* I miss what's-her-name the nice trans lady.

I forgot my purse at home today. *sigh* So much for my Organizational Skills.

After I got home, I read my mail and rested up from work, and then votania dragged me out shopping. Yay for shopping. The lunch meat got rescued from the trunk, yay uncivilized lunch meat. I also got any number of interesting things for people to take to work/school for lunch. I need to start baking pot pies myself.

I got my Sam's membership card replaced. There was a very cute cash-register drama where the poor cashier tried to scan and/or enter my card number, and completely failed. I finally had to use votania's card instead. (She is, technically, "my partner", though it's not actually a civil union and it's of convenience rather than romance.) She was happily fed, which was a good change over her passing out. I got my membership card replaced while she loaded up the car. The Membership clerk didn't have to use her card to decipher mine, yay. Anti-yay: I dropped my pizza. Ah well.

On our way back, at a stoplight, I looked up, and said, "Uh-oh."
"What?" votania asked.
In the lane to the left of us, a large black Ford pickup truck was backing up ever so slowly. "That," I said, as its tailpipe mashed into the front bumper/hood of the white mini econobox behind it.
Cellphone was employed to call the cops, with full description of the truck and the incident. Complete with license plate info on the truck and current location. Sadly, they live in our area enough to be around a lot. The asshats were laughing when the people in the white econobox pulled up parallel with them and said something irately out the window.
I'm getting, at least, good at remaining calm when I'm very, very angry.

The Little Fayoumis has been at least somewhat squirrelly all day. Mommy took him to the zoo this morning with the grandparent(s) and the other great-grandmother (grandpa's mom). Now Mommy is out helping whazzname from work, the one who thinks I'm beautiful, with his moving endeavors.

I just went and worked out for 25 minutes on the exercise bike (and I've already hiked 29 minutes commuting to/from work, and I didn't count the shopping trip). After this, I'm planning to walk to the grocery store to get essential things like that goop that I wash my face with.

Update: ralmathon came over. Got new car, because of wreck. Gave backrub. Got backrub. Good to see my big bro.

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