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Very Happy Lunatic; also, single male geek for temporary grabs for local woman

I don't think I mentioned it loudly enough last night: my big brother came over! Yay! (Brother by virtue of just being brother and also Alaskan, not by anything genetic.) We exchange backrubs, which is a very Good Thing.

He had an ulterior motive: he was showing off his new car, and also getting a backrub from me to work out the kink from the wreck. He's evidently feeling a lot better now, yay. I got a lot of hug-and-snuggle time, which I needed so badly that I didn't even realize how badly I needed it until I got it.

I need hugs and snuggles on a regular basis or evidently I'm not fit for human company, it seems. And I drape all over the person who's snuggling with me. Not because I necessarily want anything other than snuggles, just because I need snuggles. Industrial-strength snuggles. I got a backrub too, and we were very goofily beeping each other's noses. He makes the silliest faces when I poke him. He was poking me too. *giggle* Nice big bro.

He wants sithjawa to visit sometime so that he can meet her for himself and determine that she is not, in fact, a psycho. Hee! Overprotective big brother!

My big bro has decided that he's going to only date people he's actually attracted to now. Also, unattached people he's attracted to, because while he understands polyamory, it's not the thing for him. Furthermore, there must be at least two brain cells to rub together inside the head of the lovely one. Some interests in common would be nice too. Oh, and a straightforward, honest, practical personality would be super, because he's so not into drama queens (having dated at least one). Within his age range (legal, under 30 or so), and he's not ready to commit yet (and he's not particularly thrilled about the prospect of dating someone with a kid). "Attracted to" is one of the sticking points, though, I am gathering, because the people he meets at work are for the most part out (not legal, airheads) and the women he tends to meet gaming are more taken and/or more zaftig than he goes for. Happily, even though he's picky, he has turned "You're a great potential friend, but your body does nothing for me" into a very flattering art form, and the person so turned down generally winds up with the impression that he's just too picky, not that there's anything wrong with them. (Unlike certain blonds we could name, who have tact scores in the negative numbers to counterbalance the rest of their charm and wit.)

So. Any local-to-Phoenix slender smart single gamergeek redhead women between the ages of 18 and 30?

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