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The teacher whose name I have a hell of a time remembering -- Barnes, that's it -- was back from boot camp, full of enthusiasm. We had fun in lab (most of the kids were getting their web pages up and struggling with the .net IDE, including me).

Marx came by with the LF just as I was getting ready to leave the lab. This is his spring break, so he's home all day. The Little Fayoumis sat quietly in class with me, and seeing me taking notes, took some "notes" himself -- mostly consisting of increasing point scores on some unknown and unknowable game. He was very quiet.

I'd printed out some GSU stuff as we were skidding out of the lab, and then I had to go upstairs to cut apart the flyer things...

We wound up sitting at the GSU table in the courtyard for about three hours. The Little Fayoumis was running all over, hacking (hackey sack style) with some of the guys, and wound up hanging with the Procrastinating Gamers' Club (would have been known as the Psychotic Gamers, but DeVry didn't allow that...) I talked with a few people. It wasn't the zoo that it is some years. DeVry isn't back up to full steam yet.

The Little Fayoumis is trying to assert himself more. Yesterday, evidently, was not such a great day w/r/t him, as he was with fucking Grandma, and fucking Grandma doesn't make him obey any behavioral rules. Explained this to him this morning, how he always has a worse time after he spends time with Grandma, a worse time following the rules, and this is because Grandma doesn't make him follow the rules. ("You know ... you're right!" *gasp*) And how I know he's a nice guy, and some of the rules are there to make sure he stays a nice guy, and when he isn't made to follow the rules, sometimes he acts like a meanie. So following the rules so he stays acting like a nice guy is a good thing, because I know he's not a meanie. He agreed with that as well. He did bring up the very valid point that Mommy was there, and Mommy did not enforce the rules. I boiled down the Grandma vs. Mommy "Whose rules are whose now?" battle in terms that I hope he could mostly follow -- Mommy's in charge of him, because she's his mom, but Grandma is Mommy's mom, and says that she's in charge of Mommy and the Little Fayoumis because she's Grandma, and because Mommy doesn't want to get in a big fight with Grandma, Grandma's lack of rules goes, pretty much. I think he got it.

It was a mildly tough afternoon, because he keeps asserting himself, and it's not always in appropriate ways, and I have to encourage him in asserting himself and discourage him from the inappropriate behaviours. He did help with the dishes, though. I reminded him that we are going to have him using words for stuff, instead of gesturing and pointing and waving things around to communicate, and that he should be using words with the other grown-ups as well.

After the grown-ups came home, I wandered off to go shopping. Yay for things on sale; yay for all sorts of things. Yay for face-cleaning goop; yay for booze. Yay for Girl Talk.

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