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American Museum of Natural History Identification Day: -- the kid's got the best attitude, I think. A turtle shell and cow bones are good stuff indeed!

Get Fuzzy comic's latest: [comic] [frame]Dog taunts cat about cat's inability to get signatures on a petition. Cat responds: "I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer." [/frame] Cat smacks dog in the head. [frame]"Hey!" dog protests. "...I will, however, dignify it with a smack in the head," cat finishes up. [/frame] [/comic]

Uh-huh. "Dignify it with a smack in the head." Yep. It'll be all over the place soon. Though smacks in the head aren't so dignified. Which is of course the point; the cat is a relentless sociopath. Via alphafenris, who evidently follows the comic.

Poor man's gadget jacket. (Via vulpine137.) Hmm, I think I'll pick one up at some point. Do they carry those vests in black at $INEXPENSIVE_STORE? Though to justify wearing one of those, I'd have to gadget up again. Hmm. I think I can save enough to get myself a new palmtop within a few months...

I'm glad the Little Fayoumis is mostly older than this now. Minty-Melon Mardi Gras my ass.

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