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State of the Loony

A good solid nap makes most things feel better. Except I'm still tired. I think know I haven't been getting enough sleep.

My cat was all purry and wanting to be petted last night. Yay, cat.

The Little Fayoumis is showing curiousity about my plasma donation wrap; I explained the process to him. This time it was all messy. Since I treat it matter-of-factly, he doesn't freak out about his favorite aunt having a gaping (though small) hole in her arm twice a week and losing quite a bit of parts of her blood.

After the Little Fayoumis gets his socks and shoes on (which is turning into quite the production since there are Sock Problems) we will be going to my school to accomplish some paperwork, and thence to the bank, to (finally) take care of my first paycheck from Hell.

I've already walked my half hour today. Small blessings out of large annoyances, I suppose.

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