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I hiked over to DeVry and found that there were no papers that the secretary could find. He said that the Dean wasn't there either. So I will come back tomorrow when the Dean's there. Next I hit Student Finance, and the guy who sets off my gaydar said that there is an academic hold on me because of my whole GPA thing. I am suspecting that I did not drop the classes last tri properly. I declined to stop by the bookstore, on the grounds that I'm not buying the book until I know I can stay in the class.

So off to the bank. We made the bus just on time, yay. I even had proper fare for the LF's ride. About the time we hit the corner to get off, a black guy came on the bus and a white guy was getting off the bus. As there was some lurching, there was a collision, with the black guy getting smacked into. It was clearly accidental, but the black guy had clearly been set on a hair-trigger, and took it personally; I suspect he takes every accidental thing personally. He got in the white guy's face. The white guy gave him the You Are Some Kind of Space Alien Or Something, Aren't You look and tried to ignore him. He got off the bus, and the black guy followed, but not before treating the entire bus to some secondhand verbal abuse as a miniature How Race Relations Go Wrong situation started breaking out.

The white guy got his bike off the front of the bus, and went his own way, and the black guy (still disgruntled) walked after the bus to the other side of the corner and got on again.

I explained to the Little Fayoumis that the one guy who was doing all the yelling was one of those people who takes everything personally and gets mad about everything.

I deposited the check, and signed up for direct deposit if my workplace has it. If my workplace has it, great; if it doesn't, I'll get a letter saying, "I'm sorry, you're shit out of luck, and have to pick up your check in person and bring it to the bank using feet like the little peon that you are." Only in more diplomatic business-speak.

Furthermore, Darkside's working today. (I called around 11:30 this morning.)

On the bus on the way back, I explained to the Little Fayoumis how I noticed that when he gets mad at people when they do stuff he doesn't want them to do, he says "Stop doing that!!!" and he's yelling -- but sometimes when you get mad and yell when someone does something you don't like, they think you getting mad and yelling is funny, so they're mean on purpose. We agreed that this was a very bad and mean thing to do, but I assured him that it did happen, and told him that when I was a kid, people would get me mad because they thought that what I said when I was mad was funny, because I would use big words, and I would call them things like "inconsiderate imbeciles". The Little Fayoumis said that yeah, that was pretty rude, and I agreed -- both parties were being rude under those circumstances.

We scurried home because I wanted to call Qwest before they closed up shop for the day, because of the note I'd gotten from my roommate re: the phone bill, because I could have sworn I'd paid it, but the note was rather urgent about things getting shut off. So I called and checked, and sure enough I'd paid in full on the 8th, and it was all good.

So I called and updated my roommate on everything -- the schedule collision, school, the phone bill, et cetera. I checked Beads galore's website for her, because she was planning to drop in there after work, but their hours are 9-5 Monday-Saturday, which is not good for her dropping by there after work, as work lets out at 6 on most weekdays.

The Little Fayoumis is watching a movie. I don't know what I'm doing for supper. I'm just tired.


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