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O, the tearful & wailing Woe

Little Fayoumis got about twenty minutes (or so) on the PS2. I forgot to set the timer, so I had to tell him that time was up. I saw that he was in the middle of a race, so I told him that he should shut down when he finished the race.

Now, he's got a cute little habit of restarting the race whenever he thinks he's going to lose. This generally means that he never wins a race, or even finishes.

And he did this just then.

Lunatic tells the birdling to shut down NOW.

Tantrum threatens; Lunatic tells birdling that he's got a choice -- put everything away nicely, or go up to his bed in his room if he's going to be crying about it. He chooses bed. I put things away. When he comes out, he wants to put things away. More wailing, when my betrayal is discovered.

I am pitiless, but not without mercy. We discuss this, and it turns out that he doesn't want to lose because it makes him feel bad. I tell him that in order to win the game, he needs to finish it, even if he thinks he's losing. I explain that if he erased all the problems on his fast math sheet and started over every time he thinks he got one problem wrong, would that help him learn or not help him learn? Not help, duh. So this is the same thing like that. He gets mad because he thinks I'm calling him a loser (as it turns out after the next "I am going to my bed to cry now" thing blows over). I explain that I am not saying "Nyah-nyah, soooomebody's a loooooooser!" -- I am saying that in order to learn more how to win the game, he has to finish the race, even if he is not winning the game -- to learn it. And then he ponders that he can play a certain game tomorrow.

I tell him (again, because evidently he'd missed it the first time) that because of the big noisy fuss as a result of having him stop the game this time, there would be no Playstation time tomorrow.

He said that he was so angry. I told him that I was sorry that he felt that way, but he needs to learn that when he makes a big fuss over something, especially something that's supposed to be fun, then there are consequences. He elaborated that when he didn't win, he got angry about that too. I was sorry he felt that way about that, because the game was not supposed to make him angry. He stomped off to (in his words) figure out what his malfunction was.

After I came back from taking out the trash, he said that his malfunction was that he thought it was supposed to be fun all the time with the game. I recommended that the next time he saw himself getting angry at the game, that he should breathe deeply and say, "Maybe it will be better some other time" to calm down.

And he practiced.

I am encouraged, because I was ready to give up the conversation after the second stomp-off-and-cry, but he wanted me to go on, to continue the conversation, because he wanted to learn more.

In other news, Darkside's working today too. Blast.

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