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Innumerable Shiny Things; emergency bags

One of the features of this apartment complex is what I call "the recycle area" -- that walking space in the enclosure that holds the dumpsters. People leave stuff in this area if it's still good enough to be used and not junk to be thrown out, but they don't want it anymore, or don't want to deal with giving it to a proper charity.

Today there were several items of interest. I did not claim the computer monitors, as we haven't room for them. I did snag the nice heavy-duty black laptop carrying case, and an interesting-looking book: Principles of Electrical Engineering, Fourth Edition, by William H. Timbie and Vannevar Bush. I count this quite the find, as I am interested in the field, or more specifically, I am interested in having reference books on all the fields that I've got a vague starting knowledge of immediately to hand in case I ever want to do something useful or look something up, or just read and improve my mind.

It turned out that Shammash just fits in the laptop case, which is only fit, as he is a laptop cat. He was sniffing at it, and I put him in and zipped it up except for a hole for his head to poke out of. He was not particularly pleased, but put up with it with questionable grace. I wonder if this laptop case and a mesh laundry bag would be a decent soft-shell cat carrier...? (Probably not.)

My habit, ingrained in my early teens, is to always have a bag packed for hasty departure, in case of emergency or urgent need to leave. This new black bag is just the thing. I scavenged several non-useful parts of my wardrobe -- navy blue drawstring pants, my 24 Hour Dave Smith Run T-shirt, mismatched socks, a too-small bra -- to leave in the bag along with the other pre-packed items from the former bag -- towel, toiletries, underpants, an Emergency Clergy Kit, a freebie miniature New Testament (reading material -- never leave the Lunatic stranded and bookless). The bag will be put somewhere out of the way of general traffic but easy to grab in case of emergency.

The Little Fayoumis will be getting the bag that I was using before. Right now it doesn't have very much stuff in it (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, failed CD burn for an emergency mirror, granola bar) but it will get more.

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