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freshstartwrite Book Club Night

The Little Fayoumis and I took the bus to head off to the book club night. He was reading things all over on the bus, which confirms to me that he's at that "I want to read everything in sight" mode, where it's really taking off. We just barely missed connecting with the Red Line heading out, and so took the 19, and then just barely missed the next McDowell bus. We wound up arriving around 6:15, though, which is respectable.

easalle was actually there! Yaaaaay! This caused much happiness on my part, even though she looked to be wingless. The rest of the people there were only partially the usual crew. The Pirate Queen was of course there, overseeing the proceedings. We'll all be very sad when she eventually leaves (she's in pursuit of her teaching certification).

We discussed The Red Tent and ancient and modern family structure. This time, I was the one dissenting opinion on the impact of the book upon me: "Eh, it was okay; I've read better." Everyone else loved it. Heh. I'm the heretic, yes I am.

I was boggled that so many people there (one or two of the new ones I wasn't recognizing) were boggled at the civilization and warm family feeling present in the story -- they'd been thinking, for whatever reason, that people of ancient times were thrust together in affectionless pairings to reproduce. I observed that no matter the situation people found themselves in, they were either going to wind up hating it or finding the best in it and growing to enjoy at least those parts, no matter what about it they were at first uncertain of.

And it digressed into an entirely relevant discussion of family structure, children, childbirth, civilization, et cetera. Much fun was had by all.

It broke up too quickly, though, and I was one of the few last left. I called votania and left a message on the house machine, then on her cellphone, then tried her cellphone again. It was my night for the miscommunication, for they'd been headed out for dinner -- but they came and retrieved us, and out we headed!

The Vagina Monologues is our book for next time.

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