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At the George and Dragon

votania and marxdarx had been in the parking lot of the George and Dragon when I called again to make sure that we were getting picked up. Communication breakdown time again! I'm glad that got squared away, though. It's been the week for communication breakdowns.

So they came and picked us up, and we all headed out. marxdarx was dressed spiffily, from his interview, and votania was dressed up as well. I felt distinctly underdressed in my blacks with no makeup.

We were seated, and debated over what to order. The Little Fayoumis started off by holding his menu upside-down, and there were a few grouchy, near-tearful moments, but that soon patched up. Yay. There was much merriment, and we probably could have ordered half as much and shared. There was some confusion on the Little Fayoumis's part over crisps and chips, and chips and fries; he wound up with both.

We had to get boxes to take things home with, but votania and I had, absolutely had to have the Spotted Dick, after we saw it on the menu. Our sparkling server told us that actually there wasn't any, but there was bread pudding; we sighed and went for the bread pudding to split between us. Then she came back and said that actually, it was the bread pudding that they were out of; did we want the spotted dick? Yes, indeed. Everyone partook but marxdarx, who abstained on account of the raisins (which he isn't fond of). It was proclaimed a Great Success, and I am to try to duplicate the recipe at home.

Heh, heh.

The Little Fayoumis did spill some dressing, and there were a few touchy moments over potential burping, and there were a few pointed reminders about other manners, but he's getting to the age where we can actually take him out to good places, especially provided that he's not tired and does have a manners shepherd on his elbow.

We had a fun time, all in all. It was an excellent birthday/graduation celebration.

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