Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

There are three kinds of orgasms for women.

There are three kinds of orgasms for women.

The most common kind is clitoral. The second most common kind is from stimulation of the G-spot. Wouldn't you know that I experience and enjoy most the rarest, the cervical or uterine orgasm?

This is why length is such an issue for me. If I were going for the G-spot primarily, or the clitoris primarily, I would not be concerned with length. But unless there is the length to properly hit my cervical area, I don't enjoy myself to the fullest. Clitoral orgasms leave me with toes curled, but ultimately unsatisfied. G-spot orgasms I have yet to attain other than by myself (with perhaps one or two exceptions, where said exception was shaped just right to hit that sweet spot, and went at just the right speed...), and they're the most physically difficult. Clitoral orgasms just don't happen when I'm alone.


Figures I'd be one of the weird ones.

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