Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Working, walking

Had your usual amount of fun-or-lack-thereof at work today. Was on two different jobs, BTS and Market Value, slow dialer on both. I got an astounding amount of stuff written. I'm writing notes to Darkside, and preventing myself from really stuffing my foot in my mouth by writing the less-PC asides that I really want to put in there in my loose-leaf journal instead. Beats telling him that I adore him and would like to touch his excellent body all over in the note, at least. It's true, he knows it, and since he doesn't reciprocate, there's no need to point it out to him again. Got a few things down that I needed to, and so forth. It was a good day in the philosophy department.

Got to talk to dustraven on break; we talked school/high school. I made an effort to stand upwind of the death stick; happily, there was wind to stand upwind in.

While I was at work, the Happy Household candle decided to self-destruct. The rest of the household was on the ball, and the happy household remains happy, and short a decorative doily-thing and glass pillar candle holder. Conclusion: fat pillar candles are not worth the fucking trouble, if I burn them it will definitely be with remembering to put them out, and always with a metal tray underneath.

Thursday, walked 18 minutes. Ooops.

Friday, walked something in the neighborhood of 35. Better, but not too good.

Thank gods the LF's spring break is almost over.

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