Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Bye-Bye, Neo

For the good of the Temple, I'm letting marxdarx play with my soon-to-be-former Linux box Neo, and Neo's younger clone-twin that I got from DeVry this past Yule. We hope that he'll be able to hack/mod them into something shiny to help Acknar out with the rendering.

Neo's got a bum network card, and Neo's clone-twin is less coherent than young Lord Mark on a bad day. (Oh, dear. I think I just named it. Sorry, Lord Mark.) Together, they'll either be one shiny kludge of a failure, or one ... interesting ... kludge of a helpful little thing.

I dug up my A+ Certification Training Book for marxdarx to refer to when playing with the matched set of differently flawed Compaqs. I think I'll advise the Little Fayoumis to stay way out of the way for this one, because otherwise he'll learn some new words. I think I'll do the same, because while marxdarx and I get along all right, Naomi and Marx do not get along well at all, and if Naomi's going to be getting any work done, I can't be babysitting her.

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