Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Walking, sleep, and dreams

Got 49 minutes of walking in yesterday despite the pointed protests of my leg area while walking to work and after walking at work. I promised them some hot tub time, which turned out to be a lie, because I was doing other things and then falling asleep. In the evening, I hit Trader Joe's, which was good for more walking. I've been wearing my thick black heavy evil shoes during the day, because my thin-soled nice happy shoes are inadquate to keep the Arizona sidewalks from baking my feet through the bottoms. I got to wear my thin-soled canvas sneakers, and my feet were so happy...

I worked from 8:30 to 4:30 yesterday, and spent most of the late afternoon and early evening recovering. After visiting Trader Joe's and picking up some chocolate, I was almost ready to crash, but stayed up a little too late on IM.

While asleep, I dreamed that this apartment complex's pool area had turned into a large computer-driven simulation of the Earth, much like Biosphere II. I ran a projection on it based on current trends, and it hit an ice age. I was freaking out, but then there were two people there more senior than me (project manager/teacher types) who grabbed hold of me and calmed me down, and then I went into the simulation, inadvertently passed gas, and then realized that I hadn't included carbon dioxide in my simulation! I (well, actually, I think it was Naomi, but it was I-in-the-dream) got all hyper and stuff, and when I ran the simulation again, modeling Death Valley, it was at 1,000,000-something degrees.

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