Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Back from the salt mines

Worked my shift, came home. I sat next to the Chatty Lady, which was a good thing as we were both incredibly bored, and on BTS Replacement, one of the most boring surveys on earth that hardly anyone either qualifies to complete or wants to complete.

By dint of making up little sheets with times written down so I could cross off the time that had already passed and see how much time there was remaining, diligent gossiping, and random writing, I made it through the shift. I didn't get told that I was going to hell, and I only got cussed at the once. No bad Do Not Call List morons (someone is only a Do Not Call List moron if they will not listen to/believe the fact that phone research can call any bloody where they please, pretty much, except cellphones, where we apologize & hang up) and ... not much else. People were at church or leaving for same.

Another day, another $8.50 + $0.50 weekend bonus an hour.

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