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The Passion of the ... Brian?

Always look on the bright side of nasty politics, flogging, and crucifixion.
(Thanks, zanna_voodoo!)

I think that the re-release of this film is a very reasonable response to the whole torture-fest idea. From the sounds of The Passion of the Christ, I don't think I'll see it, just because I have no real wish to see a film dedicated to the cruelest and worst aspects of human nature.

I think Gibson's aim in creating the film was to show that despite how horribly the political powers and certain of his own people treated the man, he still managed to embrace humanity, transcend humanity, and forgive humanity. I think that's a very ambitious idea, but right now my mind is balking at the "embrace the truth of how horrible human beings can be." If I can't watch the news because looking at the US's political situation with regard to war and human rights, and especially Bush's politics, makes me feel as if I'll vomit, why should I even attempt to watch a movie that I know depicts extreme and deliberate cruelty? (Naomi feels as if we've failed if we can't handle the truth about what people are capable of, let alone forgiveness.)

And what weapons do we have, to fight back against despair? Love, acceptance, forgiveness... and laughter.

We couldn't do it without the laughter.

Bring on the Pythons.

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