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*grin* Guess who?

Caught the Elusive One on the phone. Much yay! I tried earlier and got nothing, and then again and had the bad timing to call right at suppertime. Ooops. Where did I put my Queen of Bad Timing crown again?

I was trying to install the communications with home base software for my new palmtop (dubbed AzureBlue; props to those who recognize the ((somewhat esoteric)) source of the name) and having a hard time. We laughed about that; well, he laughed, and I vented. It eventually did work. I teased him that what he didn't like about the last one was not the machine, but the content. I wondered if he'd ever put Mr. Shallow on my to-do list. He declined to answer.

He actually vented to me about the job search, in his elegant and understated way. Amazing! This is the man who does not tend to complain about things. Well, certain things. And that's one of them. Well, yes, I was inquiring, but he generally doesn't respond at much ... length ... in general.

There was laughter, and exchange of bad jokes. I gave him the Yetisports link. He started reading D & D forum threads to me; I puttered around and found the correct thread. There was much giggling; it's great to be on the same page.

It didn't feel like an hour and a half, in the same way that being held by someone who you love, who cares for you deeply in return, doesn't feel like an hour and a half. But he had to go to bed, and I had to get off the phone -- so we parted. Gently. Warmly. I got to my feet stiffly, my body complaining, and I said "Ouch!" about it; he was concerned. He gently admonished me to take care of myself. (Usually I'm the one who says that to him.) He's always so stiff, proper, and restrained when expressing himself. You might as well ask a Vulcan to share his feelings... but I'm learning the language. I suppose it's most telling that he'll talk so long, and wishes that I sleep well...

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