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Cast of Characters: Coworkers (hyphenate as [in]appropriate)

trystan_laryssa: Friend I met my first day actually dialing. Fen. Wears a lot of black. Gamer. Somewhere in the vague neighborhood of my age.

dustraven: "The hot blond guy" that I spotted that same day. With trystan_laryssa. Also fen/gamer. Somewhere in the vague neighborhood of my age.

Motley: just Motley, nothing but Motley. Fen, SCA, medically required to have caffiene. Lots of fun. Somewhere in the vague neighborhood of my mother's age.

the Fanboy: a guy I met in the training class. He also worked there at some vague point in the past. He is a fanboy of the book that Mel Gibson's latest, most controversial flick was based on. Age: my best guess is 30s.

Someone Else's Grandpa: A tall man with greying black hair in his fifties or sixties, most notable for his occasional choice in break companions, namely Mr. Arbitrarily Bitter.

Mr. Arbitrarily Bitter: Looks 40. Acts 20. Talks too loud without respect for others. Evidently seeks out the worst in everything. Makes tasteless jokes.

Mr. D&D: A young man in my vague age range (20-30) with messy hair who speaks to no one, sits by himself, and reads game manuals.

Luke Skywalker: Former DeVry student, an acquaintance of mine from the last time I worked there. Likes Star Wars. Very cheerful. Uses a wheelchair. My general age.

the Chatty Lady: Possibly one of the most easy to get along with people in the workplace. She is friendly and nice and will talk your ear off twice over. She doesn't know much about computers, but she's willing to learn. She's also an excellent mood mirror. You're nice to her, she's nice to you. You get snippy with her, she gets snippy with you. If you're nasty to her, she'll even go so far as to be very disgruntled in return. It is commonly believed that the only person in the workplace that she actively dislikes is Mr. Arbitrarily Bitter. She's addicted to Trader Joe's coffee and has two cats and one husband. She's about my mother's age.

the Gossip Queen: in her late 20s to early 40s, she is tiny and always has to know what is going on with everyone. But she does it because she cares about everyone and smiles and always has the best intentions, even if she's grilling you on your course of study in college and telling you that you should be in another field because someone she knew read an article on what the next big thing was. Used to not believe in the accuracy of Tarot readings.

the Stand-Up Comedian Supervisor: Hilarious, controversial, almost everyone loves him, except those who think they should have gotten break cards from him for their hard work.

the Rules Lawyer Monitor: She monitors your work. She hears all. She forgives nothing, not even the job-specific instructions to deviate from the script. Especially the job-specific instructions to deviate from the script.

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