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...and maybe they'd be happy for a while...

Computer Stupidities: Smoke -- my favorite classic moments have to include the daughter assisting her parent with installation and very calmly reporting the state of the drive, and also the monitor with red hot components.

Computer Stupidities: Stupid Tech Support -- the cheese.

My best friend Darkside and I used to sit in the computer lab together, each at our separate computer, and companionably do our separate things. Every now and then, he'd find something interesting, and he'd joggle my mouse hand to get my attention, and I'd peer over at his screen. (Peer-to-peer networking, after all...) He'd point it out, or read aloud to me. Sometimes I wound up sitting on the floor next to him, if the leaning angle was too inconvenient. I'd get his attention and he'd lean over if I found something. I can't remember which of us found these pages first, but we spent far too much time on them together. Another time one of us found a website with screen captures from bad computer errors -- such as one suggesting that perhaps the drive door on a hard drive partition had been left open, and perhaps they should close the door and try again.

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