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Back in the summer of 2002, I had a major perspective change happen to me.

It was not about anything much, really. I'd made a completely understandable, but highly bigoted assumption, about the religion of a friend. And as things go with unchecked assumptions, they can be very very wrong. And this one was.

My world shifted, so fast I got dizzy, and stayed dizzy for the five or so hours it took to process. He wasn't pagan, as I'd assumed. He was Christian. He was still my friend, he wasn't trying to convert me, he wasn't anything like the bad examples of the religious category who had gained the religion its bad name in my eyes. He was himself, as he'd always been. I was myself, as I'd always been. Nothing was different. Nothing changed.

The world spun around me as I tried to shift my mind around. Had we been less close friends, I might have run screaming. I didn't. I stayed. I learned. I held onto him and sat there stunned as things I thought were constants became unknowns again, unknowns that I would have to solve for each time now.

And nothing changed.
Nothing. Changed.

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