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Is my school on crack?

Academic Attendance
From: [dean's name]

Our records indicate that you have not been in recent attendance. This is
in violation of our attendance policy. Please contact me at
[dean's name] or stop into the academics office so that we can
futher discuss this matter.
Thank you,
Program Coordinator
Business Programs

Um? I've been to every class, and most of the labs. Namely, I missed the first lab which was before class on the first day of school, which is generally optional, and proved to be not only content-free, but also teacher-free, and also forgot to swipe my ID card through the attendance machine for another lab. That was it. This is a five credit class, so I should not be looked at sideways by anyone but the teacher for two lab absences, even though the lab absences were not actual missing of material.

Then I realized. What are the odds that my schedule was entered incorrectly? Very good, given that I was enrolled for the e-College course that I actually wasn't taking, and hadn't been on the original class list for the class I was supposed to be taking...
Hi, this is Joan [last name], [school ID number].

I have been attending my CIS 410 class, which is the
only class that I should be enrolled in. If I am not
attending CIS 321 (3-something, taught by Professor
Sheldon), I was enrolled in this by error and it
should not have made it to the final schedule.


Never mind that I'm actually a Computer Information Systems student, not Business any more, not for the last year or two...
Thank you for responding. I will correct your records.

[Dean's name]
Program Coordinator
Business Programs
(602) xxx-xxxx ext. xxx

I am only to hope that this will clear things up.

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