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Today was really domestic.
I got out of bed late because I don't have to work until 3 today.

I feel happy because I had some coffee. Espresso plus ice cream plus secret flavors in blender = frappucino. Homemade.

I'm so wired. See: frappucino, two glasses, with leftovers in blender in fridge.

Last night I had to actually get some sleep. My body got mad at me and I got nauseated because of lack of sleep so I finally did crash.

I want to tell the world that I'm gay.

I am wearing a lot of black today, as per the usual. And makeup, which is sort of not, but I'm trying to clean up the bathroom, and part of doing that is wearing makeup.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.

I wish my roommates would manage to turn off their lights more often. My one roommate is getting annoyed with me for always turning off the lights that he's left on. But our power bills are down.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

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