Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Schedule Shuffle

Rearranged potential schedule for work/household. I'd be working Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday, and Marx would be working Thursday/Friday/Sunday. I can submit my schedule change any time, probably Tuesday before picking up the sprogling. (Erm. That's not a word.)

I went in to the office, you see, and got some technical consultation on possible schedules. So, Friday/Sunday is not a valid work option.

We can do this. We can definitely do this. As it stands, the only day we'd need any aid on kidwatching is Sunday, and Mommy's got that day off, and if it were so that she did not have that day off, we could always do the whole "Okay, I pack up kid and bring with on my way to work, and you grab the kid as you're coming home from work" handoff, working opposite shifts.

The household's schedule is turning from a confused mass of chaotic crap into something far better regulated.

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