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Words, positions, callings, things.

boojum introduced me to the phrasing "counter-prejudice" for the prejudice that springs up in response to an initial prejudice. For example, prejudice against men by women in response to an initial condition of prejudice against women by men is a classic example. One of the bad phrasings I've heard was "reverse prejudice", "reverse racism", which just do not cut it for me.

It's come to my attention, rather forcefully, that I envy shadesong's general work position as high-powered, invaluable, busy secretary. I'd really like a secretary position surrounded by absolute hackergeeks, where my general geekiness would come as a plus, so I could understand and help debug and occasionally do things of my own, and be invaluable in "What the hell are we doing here?" design sessions, but still have a professional life outside of the traditional realms of IT. I like filing, organizing, scheduling, and the like. I glory in it. When the household needs shit scheduled, I am the one who does it.

I need to update the faith section of my profile. I'm eclectic technopagan with strong Kabbalistic and Quaker elements to the faith, and that's not even mentioning Naomi. (She says that she finds the final working of Yeshua "extremely logical" and is definitely in support of it. Go figure.) I'm ordained through the Universal Life Church (they ask you to please not try to ordain your houseplants) and my ministry is generally other active practitioners (primarily in similar/related pagan/pagan-like traditions) who don't really need much in the way of spiritual leadership as they do a comfortable ear and a different perspective. I occasionally do pull something brilliant out of my ass, but I consider that far from my primary function.

I'm exhausted. I sleep.

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