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There are two problems with me leaving my windows open at night, even in gorgeous weather such as this.

First, I'll get to hear, whether I like it or not, repeated banging upon doors, the Yelly Lady ranting and raving to people who may or may not be visible to the rest of us, and someone, or several someones, at least five units down, having or simulating very vocal, raucous, sex. I guess they don't call Wednesday "hump day" for nothing.

Second, the breeze. The breeze in the trees disturbs the bees, and more specifically, it delivers me a faceload of vegetative genetic material. My nose, not to be outdone, manufactures slime in prodigious quantities and has me forcefully expel it, thus making the bukkake illusion complete.

Tomorrow, I think I'll stop in at the store on my way home and try switching allergy medications, to see if something else will work any better.

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