Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Things resembling a life:

Woke up, did things, sort of pretended to clean house. Set out for work, minus sunglasses, feeling somewhat odd. The "odd" bloomed into some actual discomfort, and while I was technically on time, ten to fifteen minutes passed with me in the ladies' room feeling utterly wretched -- evidently something had disagreed with me, or I with it.

After an hour or two, though, I felt better. There were nice clouds, and even a hint of rain on break. I was on BTS Panel with dustraven and trystan_laryssa. Musn't pet one's co-workers. Really. My productivity was down the first hour or two, what with the general misery and people departing for church, but it went SPROING! back up as soon as I got my perk back and people were either away at church or back from already. Sadly, my favorite co-workers went back home sick after break. Voice problems are not fun to have when one's got a phone job. I volunteered for a partial shift tomorrow, and may even wind up working on Monday (or even Tuesday) to make up for the hours I won't be getting because of Easter and my schedule swap. I will need to swap out the Sunday schedule for myself as well, on Monday, so I'd best show up early. Yay, me.

I still have honing to do on the utterly soppy love poem that I started writing with Darkside in mind. I expect this one won't be done for some time.

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