Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Happy Lunatic: Maniac

Got to talk with my Maniac today. It was Bad Timing, but he elected to talk with me for half an hour based on the fact that I'd be working this afternoon. Did tease him with the "[s]he's a maniac, maniac..." (of course, I broke out giggling), and we did get some nice talking in there.

Work, Shrimpy, rearranging the furniture, heavy lifting, roommates, cow-orkers, disgusting food products (eggs inna bucket, cooked and raw), kids, senses of humor of role models, and bad jokes in the workplace.

The guy really opens up when you talk with him right.

It was carpet cleaning day, so there was much with the busy and the noise.

He hasn't tasted the dick* yet -- he keeps forgetting that he's got it. Now that I've reminded him that he's got one, he might or might not try it.

I pointed out that it could have been much worse -- my father had suggested the inclusion of a black marker so that he could make his own. Much with the "I thought there was going to be something like that in there" happening, and the digression on awful senses of humor followed.

* Dick -- the spotted dick that I made said best friend for April Fool's Day.

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