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Past People (crossposted to cty_therapy)

So I was chatting with my friend easalle. We met in glamourbombs because we were both in Phoenix in a big "Let us meet local people" thread, and we started hanging out. We met back last June.

So tonight we were talking, and for whatever reason, New York State came up, and she mentioned that there was more to the state than NYC, there was also upstate -- and I mentioned that yeah, I spent a couple summers there in an academic camp.

Turns out that Clinton, NY was her home stomping grounds, and she hung out at Hamilton College. She was at the same fireworks display that we were, and was annoying the kids in the matching T-shirts with her friends in '94 and '95.

We did some retroactive bonding, though we would not have gotten along then. I shared the story about how pyrogenic got lost going for ice cream, and of course she knew right where he'd gotten lost going to the Great American, and she knew about the black Wet & Wild nail polish with the silver sparklies...

Most excellent.

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