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Diversion Project

I've decided, after some long deliberation, knowing on each iteration of the idea that I was getting closer to a near-to-best idea (what's the mathematical term for the solution that may not be the best, but is damn close?) to divert a large portion of my attention and energies to a good cause this calendar year, from April 16, 2004 to April 15/16, 2005. The good cause I've chosen is the practical (as opposed to the impractical) portions of Project Here, Chick Chick Chick.

There are some very practical portions of Project Here, Chick Chick Chick. One of the practical portions is me getting back in shape. This is already proving to be working somewhat -- I can now walk briskly longer than my roommatesister can, without having to sit down with bleeding feet and zero energy after spending half an hour walking. Another portion is simply me being myself, as tenaciously as I am generally wont to, complete with pulling unexpected wisdom out of my ass. I simply shan't allow untruths to go on being believed, and I will make every reasonable effort to demonstrate that I am in fact a stubborn bitch -- and a few unreasonable efforts as well.

And I shall divert -- sublimate -- other energies, namely the effort I'd ordinarily be putting into my husband-hunt (the one that's been going on since I was five). This is more important. This is where my priorities are. Also, don't be looking for me in bed, as that's a major part of the attention that I'm diverting...

I'd be alarmed, except that it feels so natural and inevitable that I should be formally declaring my intent to focus this way for a set period of time.

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