Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

swallowtayle, the English teacher, and the soapbox

We once had the most interesting high school English teacher. I got him first, I think on his first year teaching. He was a character. He was fresh out of school himself, and still young and quirky. He'd have fit right in with this crowd around here, actually.

He did all sorts of silly stuff (sometimes unrelated to class) -- there was somewhat of a contest to name the plant (Guillermo, it was eventually dubbed), he was trying to grow a goatee, and made a "goat-meter" to track his progress, and he did not abide the word "sucks" in his classroom. He put up a hand-lettered poster with a surfeit of synonyms for "sucks" -- substandard, disgusting, lame, ...

Whenever he was expounding at length on something, he would warn us that he was getting up on his soap box. It was one of his cute little things, especially cute considering that I think I was taller than he was by this time. swallowtayle noticed this habit of his, and got a wooden box, decorated it accordingly, and presented it to him. Ever after, he would step up on his actual soap box to deliver a lecture.
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