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Further from "on moving" (letter to Mama) (backdated)

Dave-in-Germany from fencing class a long time ago started e-mailing me. I’ve been e-mailing him back. John from Two Rivers has finally gotten the clue that I might want to go out and see a movie or something with him at some point, and having realized that, he is still talking to me. I think that’s an encouraging sign, since the usual reaction is for guys to run in the other direction screeching. Apparently the combination of wit, beauty, and self-confidence is luring the nice ones out of the woodwork.

Math class is again officially a curse word. The professor does not do well with his students. No one likes the class except for Slackerprep, who is the teacher’s favorite.

I caught a mistake in the sociology test today (april 25) and the class is getting an extra point. The question in particular was written from an older edition of the book where they only discussed five major world religions rather than six. The current edition has six major world religions, and it so happens that the sixth one was the one mentioned on the test that wasn’t in the fifth one.

My right wrist has been aching a lot lately. I’ve been hoping that it is just me having slept on it wrong rather than job-related injury from being a telephone survey creature and doing 10-key entry with my right hand.

It’s very handy to have a laptop computer. I need to get it a new power cord, because the one I have right now is starting to get very battered. It will be all right for the next little while, but if I have to do a lot of moving my computer around it will not be okay for long.

If you are looking through my bookshelves at any point in the future, could you send up with Go, Dog, Go! when you find it, all of Robert A. Heinlein’s younger kids’ books, such as The Rolling Stones. Sis loves Stranger In A Strange Land and was thrilled to hear that I had more by the same author. How did I become peoples’ book connector? Also send So You Want To Be A Wizard?, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, and A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane. I swear, people say “Go to Joan; she can connect you with some good books,” and then I do. Some of the other people I know who also connect people with books say that their friends compare them to drug dealers, only legal. Apparently the sort of books that I give out are addictive.

Sis is really starting to make this place look like home. We are acquiring bookshelves. She has a gigantifferous compact disk collection. Mine isn’t so shabby itself. I have more books than she does. Tonight we figured out that I have about 1/3 the collection size of her friend Red Sandalwood. Red Sandalwood is a geezer a little younger than you are. He has about 3000 books.

Today Darkside and I discussed how we were glad that neither of us held public office, that way no one would propose to anyone in front of massive crowds of people at an Official Government Function. It’s so nice to be able to discuss books in common. I started going on at some length about how I was going to attempt to avoid making Miles’ mistake, and Darkside of course knows that book series well enough to ask, “Which mistake?” That sparked a lively debate about proposals of marriage, dinner parties, and other such things as were discussed in A Civil Campaign.

John stopped by our breakfast table and said hello briefly before he had to go to class. This is starting to become a habit with him. I think that I should be worried.

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