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Day: school, work

Got to class in a reasonable approximation of "on time". Learned things.

Did not participate in Day of Silence, as a) I hadn't prepared, b) I didn't think to, and c) work is phone job.

Came back home. Caught up on friends page and e-mail. Attempted to read more of Reading Lolita in Tehran. Failed sanity/sensitivity check, whinged about in journal. Called Darkside. Napped.

Woke up. Headed off to work, having had very odd soda. Worked. Caffiene kicked in two hours after work started. Sorted folder and wrote in loose-leaf journal. Started on one of the McKillip library books. Worked more, wrote more. Got out of work early. Came home.

Chatted on phone with Dawn. Chatted on 'net with wibbble. Trekked to store for frozen pizza. Actually got same. Trekked back home. Finally started work on editing "Dogfire" to current standards.

Will not allow stupid web interface to stupid switch to stupid rich text mode by pushing stupid tab, enter, which used to stupid post the stupid entry.

Will stop cursing, eventually. All cursing here is pre-emptive.

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