Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Dreams: Yay, Hogwarts!

Dreamed I was at Hogwarts or something similar. Only the building was modeled after my old high school. And instead of there being Draco Malfoy with his obnoxious father hanging about, there was Darkside Malfoy instead, with his obnoxious father hanging about.

Since it was Hogwarts, I was obviously Hermione, and I was lectured at for using magic in the halls to put my gear away in my locker. Specifically, for using my wand to do it. "But look, Headmaster, I can do it wandless, too!"

I was generally admonished for being a smartass.

And then there was Darkside. We were talking (and no matter who he is, we're always friends...) and we knotted our respective courage together, and somehow one of us or the other got up the courage to give the other a gentle, scared, sacred kiss...

That broke the dam. Always those gentle, chaste kisses (high school hallways, not your best place to be exploring a relationship with a very shy young man) but we were Together. He stole time in between changing printer paper for his father (the printer room was in the old GT room, and his father had the room across from that as an office) to kiss me.

Stuff happened (there was an Enemy without, and a traitor within the walls) and I was walking around the school glowing (figuratively), and was close to figuring out the mystery, when I woke up.

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