Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Third day of Gulf War. Children in predictable turmoil. (From tiny blue binder)

Jan. 18, 1991
The third day. I wonder when ever the war will be over. The war seems so unreal and hazy compared with the everyday hardships and things. [Ginger] left for Mexico last night. She won't be back until next Friday--a week from today. We are having dinner at [family name of swallowtayle's popular friend with the long red hair]'. I hope it will be fun. I hope that at school, BJ and John and Amy will not bother me, especially about my hat. When will the war be over?
Well, the dinner was a success. We put on a R, W, & B Club thing. Talk about fun! I will stay up until Saturday, I think. It is now 11:06 PM. This book is hard to write in. [Red-headed friend] has quite the kitchen. 11:09?

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