Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In which a fun time is had by all, except perhaps the boys. From the tiny blue binder.

June 24, 1991

Dear Diary,
Tonight we are at [FatherSir's co-worker with the violin teacher daughter's family]', and [the son] is here. He is sort of cute, and I love teasing him. Night before last, at [Galadriel]'s, I had the greatest time. swallowtayle's old enemy, Michael C. was there, For The Night! Boy, I was embarrassed when I was in my nightie, robe, slippers, and curlers. I beat [Galadriel's little brother] up for getting me with his squirt gun.
Then, in the morning, we went swimming, and they, the boys, got us, the girls, who were me, [swallowtayle], [Galadriel], [Tay-tay's friend the redhead], and Jenny. We got them, too. That's all

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