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In which our Heroine parties hard, and almost gets stuck in the mud. From the tiny blue binder.

Dear Diary,
We got through yesterday's dinner OK. We played Nintendo, and had fun. We played a few games of Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Brothers. Today, July 28, 1991, we had fun. We first slept late, then about 2:00 pm, we went out to the [virtual grandparents]'.

I pigged out on junk food, which was two cans of soda, and loads of chips. Also, I got ice cream and birthday cake. Mama was fiddling and I was reading, and we didn't notice the rain so much. We left almost too late. We started up the hill but didn't quite make it. So Father Sir backed back and forth until we finally put chains on and went in low gear, up the hill. Part of the tune of "Beaming With Joy," a Chinese folk song, ran through my head, and the tune ran to the beat of the chains on the wheels. It just popped into my head that Mrs. Hall has been teaching me in vain for I forgot whether the name of a song should be underlined or put in quotes.
You know, the only reason I started this diary is because I thought that it might be interesting for my descendants to read this, and find out what it was like for a ten-year-old girl during a far-off, close-up war. I wonder who my descendants will be, and who their ancestors will be, apart from the now obvious, like Mama and FatherSir.
A long, long time ago, when I was very young, well, anyway before I was in third grade, I had this dream. It was about me, being crowded in a small building, holding a frying pan, and calling out to Jay about something. The house was on the leachfield, and it was no more than a yard square. Inside, there was lots of stuff crowded in. A miniature stove on top of something, bunk beds, everything.
I'm changing the subject now, and looking ahead on the blank pages in this book. I wonder how long it will last, and what will be written on them. I wonder....

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