Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In which our Heroine has a freaky dream. From the tiny blue binder.

July 30, 1991
Dear Diary,
I just had a dream about lots of kids, including lots of me and [swallowtayle]. Friends being in a boarding school, and we weren't allowed to do anything except lie in bed. We were in cribs, not beds!
And there was the prettiest, nicest beach outside, and they never let us out, even just for five minutes!
That dream ended with all of the students rebelling, and pushing carts full of candy into the long hallway where the teachers pushed carts and looked to see that the boys weren't dropping stink bombs or anything. This was a boarding school, and more than one half was a store, and we weren't ever allowed to get out of our beds to eat. The teachers were sure an ignorant bunch, because they didn't know that we weren't supposed to have money there. So they pushed shopping carts full of candy up and down through the rows between our beds, selling it, but nobody had any money.
Uh-oh, Mama's calling me. I'll write the rest of my dream later.

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