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In which our Heroine sees the Dentist. From the tiny blue binder.

August 2, 1991, Fri
Dear Diary,
Okay! So I didn't write the rest of my dream. The rest was only about a beach party and getting out of the boarding school.
Today, I made some chocolate chip cookies. I haven't written in this old thing for ages.

Yesterday we went to the dentist. What I got there was: X-rays of my teeth taken, cleaning and polishing of my teeth, the icky fluoride treatment, and quite a few prizes for being good. What Julie and I got together was: 2 toothbrushes, 2 small floss packs, a foam rubber ball, a pen-bracelet, a styrofoam model of an eagle that looks sort of like this in shape from the side.

[Diagram of toy]

The funny colored thing on the front is a plastic crash-helmet steering device thing. The other thing besides all the tooth stuff is a neat clear green plastic ruler. I'll tell you more tomorrow. Goodnight! 10:45 PM, Joan logging.
Just computer language! Goodnight again!

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